Bringing the Magic of Live Entertainment Home!

Music moves us, it marks the moments and milestones of our lives.  Music can be a form of expression which doesn’t need our words and it can reach across the years, evoking memories, feelings and bringing us together in shared enjoyment.

Music is all inclusive, it brings people together and it is accessible to all.  Here in William Simpsons we see music as a therapeutic tool to help reduce social isolation, improve mood, encourage reminiscence and spark conversations.  The benefits don’t end there as the positive effect of music spills out into art and craft activities, quizzing and musical challenges, music appreciation sessions and so much more.

There is nothing quite like the thrill of experiencing live music, that buzz of anticipation you get and the joy of being able to sing along to your favourite songs.  Residents enjoy a wide variety of live music both within and outside of the care home.  Each month we host ‘the monthly music concert’ with superb singers and amazing musicians, there is live music at the ‘Saturday Social Club’ where residents can enjoy a more intimate setting within the Home and we offer the joy of a disco night where residents can just let it all go and lose themselves in the music!  But that’s not all, for those residents who love their live music we go to gigs and live music concerts where we’re all simply just part of the crowd.

Music moves all of us and through your kindness and generosity in donating to this ‘Raise The Roof’ Residents Musical Entertainment Appeal, you are actively helping to enhance the lives of adults living with a long term mental health diagnosis, and we can’t thank you enough!