Live your best life at William Simpsons

Life at William Simpsons is all about you, and your choices are at the heart of everything we do.

From the everyday decisions such as what time you get up and what you’d like to eat, through to the choices that make life interesting, the ‘what will I do today’ decisions - will it be swimming, jewellery making class or course fishing today? It’s all up to you.

Your staff team will get to know you really well and each team includes an Activity Co-ordinator who can arrange events, excursions and activities around your interests. 

Some of our popular events include:

  • Adventure walks within wild nature spots
  • History hunting with metal detectors within our historical grounds and local area
  • Excursions to places of interest such as football grounds, museums and local beauty spots
  • Thrill seeking trips such as sea-fishing and rickshaw riding
  • Sporting and exercise events such as walking football, lawn bowls, swimming, dance classes and climbing wall sessions
  • Art and craft sessions including pottery, carpentry skills, painting, jewellery and mosaic making
  • Entertainment events where afternoon musical concerts are held within the Home and visiting theatre company’s perform plays.


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