It has been a year in the making, but it was well worth the wait!  Allow us to introduce you to....

We've been working away quietly away in the background with our good friends at Cycling Without Age Scotland  since the summer of 2022, seeking to raise enough funds to purchase a trishaw for use within the Home.  It was hard going, as fundraising often is, until The Wolfson Foundation stepped forward with a generous grant award for not one, but two electric trishaw bikes, one foldable electric support bike, an adult tricycle with storage basket, a whole host of accessories and a secure storage facility in which to house our astonishing new stable! WOW!

Whilst this was going on, Cycling Without Age Scotland were also busy training the first round of William Simpsons staff volunteering to become trishaw 'Pilots' (who would have imagined we'd have qualified pilots within our team!). This comprehensive training covered all aspects of trishaw piloting, from pre-ride checks and the safe assistance of passengers using the carriages, through to 'tales of the unexpected' which provided guidance on how to deal with unexpected hazards that may arise during our outings.  Thereafter followed an extensive 'practice period' which saw our trainee pilots cycling one another around the care home grounds, getting to grips with the gears, practicing hill starts, controlled descents and three point turns.  Slalom courses were set out along quiet sections of the driveway to ensure each pilot mastered confident and competent handling with a loaded carriage and we quizzed one another on the technical aspects of maintenance and safety checks.

As the end of summer drew near, our trainee trishaw pilots were put to the test and all passed their assessments with flying colours and we are proud to present our very first team of William Simpsons Trishaw Pilots!

It was a difficult few months,  trying to keep everything under wraps when all we wanted to do was shout about our amazing new trishaws but we managed!  On 26th October 2023 the wait was finally over and we were ready to launch.  In true William Simpsons style, Elvis opened the celebrations, welcoming our guests, introducing the guest speakers and counting down to the moment when the ribbons were cut and our trishaws were launched!  

It's taken a fair bit of time and a whole lot of effort to reach this point but it's definitely been worthwhile as we are already seeing the positive benefits of trishaw travel rippling out across the Home.  Residents can travel in comfort and ease, set free from the restraints of impaired mobility.  It's just wonderful to witness residents' enjoyment as they glide along in the carriage, immersed in the sights, sounds and scents of the countryside around them.  The benefits continue once the ride is over, as residents recount their adventures and share their stories with friends and some even choose to capture their moment through the medium of expressive art!

You'll be seeing us out and about around the village and surrounding area, give us a wave when you see us, or come and walk along side us as we travel slowly along our route.  Trishaws are a very sociable way to travel and we're looking forward to meeting up when we're out and about!

It seems fitting to round this off with some wise words spoken by Elvis at our launch....

Ladies and gentlemen of William Simpsons, your adventures are just beginning!