Our library area has always been an oasis of calm and somewhere for residents and staff can take some time out for quiet, chilled moments but it was starting to look a little dated and residents decided it time for a mini-makeover…what do you think of this fresh new space?

This multi-purpose space plays host to a variety of resident-based groups and its new look provides a modern, fresh and comfortable space which everyone can enjoy.

The Residents involved with the Book Club are busy replenishing and updating the shelves with new materials in preparation for settling down to discuss what they’ve read. 

Members of the Music Club use the space to jam and sing together and to lose themselves in music, whether that is by listening to some lovely old vinyl, a crystal clear CD or in the most modern way of streaming via smart speaker. 

This multipurpose space has also been used as a private restaurant and a 50th Birthday party hub, and it is a place where family and friends regularly come together to spend time in one another's company.  

The library is also a place for quiet contemplation, either on an individual basis or as part of a group during the religious observation sessions which are held in here each week.

One room with many uses, our library embodies the ethos of William Simpson which is personalised care, shaped around each individual's needs.