On the most perfect of sunny summer days, residents were treated to something really rather special as Producer Magdalena Schamberger brought the live theatre performance 'Into The Light' to the Home.

Magdalena is the Creative Director and Project Facilitator of Bold Scotland- Bringing Out Leaders in Dementia.  The 'Into The Light' production uses non-verbal communication to engage residents in a story about friendship, loyalty, love, rivalry and the importance of connecting with one another through the small things of everyday life.  

Without speaking actual words, the actors told the story beautifully, engaging residents and staff through the medium of music, humming, facial expression and physical movement.  Audience participation was encouraged and this made the production a truly interactive, one-off piece of theatre which was loved by all who attended!  

This thought provoking, funny piece of theatre, written specifically for those living with dementia, engaged and delighted everyone in our audience, something which is reflected in residents post-event evaluation where 95% of residents rated the production as either excellent or good and 90% indicated they'd welcome a return visit from the theatre company.   One resident wrote that 'there was nothing which could make this better, the actors really threw themselves into it!'  What more praise could you ask for!

Please take time to view some of the excellent photos taken on the day by professional photographer Brian Hartley, but just before you do, let me share something with you.  Every member of our care team undertakes Dementia Awareness training.  This is refreshed on an annual basis which ensures what we've learned becomes embedded in our practice and benefits every resident in our care. We hope you enjoy the photos from this special day.