It's been a lovely month with residents coming together to try new things and shared their interests with their friends.

The residents joined forces this month, sharing their knowledge and expertise as they undertook a joint fundraising project. The Garden Club spent the early part of the year, sowing a variety of seeds which have grown into healthy, wee plants ripe for repotting.  They set aside the plants they wanted to keep for use in the Home which left them with an abundance of good, healthy plants in need of somewhere to grow.  In stepped the Art Club who added value to plain old pots by painting them with bright, vibrant, one-off designs.  The teams worked together planting up these beautiful bespoke pots, designing a poster and setting up a stall to sell their home grown tomato plants and herb planters in reception.  It didn't take long before the stall was sold out and some welcome pounds were added to the the 'Residents' Fund' savings pot.

We took to the turf with our first ever ‘Race Day’ event which went down a storm!  The atmosphere was electric and the cheering was thunderous as the racing got underway!  There were lots of lucky winners who were awarded WS Vouchers to spend in our inhouse shop.  I think it’s safe to say that ‘Race Day’ is definitely an event which will run again!

The Creature Teacher is a regular visitor to the Home and in May she brought a new friend for us to meet – Gerald the Leopard Gecko! Residents were able to admire, stroke and hold this beautiful friendly wee beastie who basks in the attention and actively seeks out human company.  She told us all about the lives of Geckos which are naturally found in Asia and the Middle East and the bugs and beasties they like to eat.  Did you know that Geckos store fat in their tails during the summer months which sees them through colder winter months as their metabolism slows down? Fascinating!   Gerald is a rescue animal which was rehomed by The Creature Teacher and he is thriving in his new role of lizard ambassador!  

We made the most of the weather spending time ‘shooting hoops’ with our latest outdoor acquisition – an adjustable height basketball hoop which can be used for standing and seated basketball.  We discovered that some of the residents have a great eye for this fun way to exercise! 

There was a ticketed, private music concert held within the library by a resident who wanted to treat her friends to an afternoon of her favourite artists.  The resident selected the ‘live’ concerts she wished to stream via You Tube, the venue was dressed and refreshments were served.  A rockin’ good time was had by all!

Amongst all this there were walks outdoors, Therapet visits, games afternoons, bingo, baking and so much more!  The month’s activities were rounded off nicely with a fine Fish Tea prepared by our very own culinary wizards in the kitchens and enjoyed with friends in our bistro café.