The 1st of December is 'Decoration Day' in the Home, when residents and staff transform the flats with fairy lights, trees and tinsel. Take a look at our Christmas Trees! The effect is really quite magical and this year, Flat 3 started a new trend for 'decorating parties', opening their doors and inviting other residents to join for an afternoon of hot chocolate, seasonal films and an opportunity to help decorate one of their many trees! This gathering together of residents from different flats happens throughout the year as individual flats host karaoke parties, hold film screenings and offer invitations to coffee mornings or waffle-making afternoons! Friends from different flats often visit one another and hang out in each other's flat or pop in to visit staff. 

We brought the 1st day of December to a sparkling close with our annual 'Festival of Winter Lights' which was led by the wonderful Clackmannan District Brass Band.  The grounds were filled with festive music as the band caroled us up to the 'count down' moment which saw our our resident 'man of the moment' press the button and switch on our Christmas lights!  Once the illuminations were lit and we'd all sang along, it was time to retire to the cafe where the band played on and hot chocolate and mince pies flowed!

There was a good mix of every-day activities in with the festive offerings this year to ensure there was a good balance and residents didn't feel overwhelmed with too many festivities.  There was the football for starters, with the World Cup taking place throughout December there was plenty of live viewing for football fans to enjoy, both within their flats and on the large screen in the cafe.  Our 'Feel Good Club' sessions continued right throughout the month, with regular weekly session from Burns Gym, which get heart rates rising with fun but effective chair bases exercises.  Professional Yogi, Adriana, provided a space for calm contemplation and gentle stretching with her fortnightly yoga sessions within the Home which always have residents smiling, and there were winter walks within the grounds when the weather permitted.

We welcomed 'Screen Memories' to the Home for the first time.  Residents enjoyed a trip down memory lane as our host Michael played extracts of some favourite films and initiated wide ranging conversations around the content of each clip. Michael opened the virtual lid on his 'Jute Box Days' song collection for a thrillingly close festive music quiz which was accompanied by lots of laughter as our eagerness to be the first to answer increased!  When Michael returns in the New Year,  he is expanding our regular sessions to include football reminiscence as well, so there will be something for everyone and we're sure this will soon become a firm favourite within the Home.

Residents involved with the fortnightly 'Horse-care' group took a great leap forward this month as took charge of the lead ropes and walked the horses for the first time!  Needless to say the ladies were absolutely thrilled to have achieved this next stage in their horse-care journey and we are all hugely grateful to the staff and volunteers at the Equi-Power Central Scotland RDA stables for their care and attention which has enabled our novice horse-women to grow in confidence and ability.  

And so to the festivities!  There were Christmas crafts, bakes, makes, carols and quizzes galore! We had festive frivolities with silly themed days which were open to all! We also took time out simply to sit alongside our friends and enjoy one another's company over a good cup of tea.

Then there were the parties and celebrations which saw Elvis singing on Christmas Day, a glitz and glamour disco/karaoke session on New Years Eve and a super new singer, Ashley Collins on New Years Day! Sparkles were worn and dancing shoes were donned, soft drinks were served in glamorous glasses, confetti cannons were fired and the roof was raised with cheers!  

And lastly to round off our summary, take a peak at the fine feasting menus all of which was hand prepared from scratch by the culinary wizards in our kitchen!

As we round up this summary of a December month filled with delight (and more than a little bit of dancing!), everyone at William Simpsons would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year!