Life, love and laughter is the ethos of the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), and the team at William Simpsons are delighted to announce that the care home has become a NAPA member.

NAPA is an umbrella organisation that connects, signposts, encourages and motivates anyone with an interest in lifestyle and wellbeing in the care sector.

In addition to the overall aim of every care and support setting be full of life, love and laughter, NAPA values:

  • The uniqueness of every person and their right to a meaningful conversation every day
  • The right to person-centred, meaningful engagement with choice and control over how the spend their time
  • Activity provision which is respectful, creative, innovative and fun – supported by skilled staff

As a charity care home with similar aims and values, William Simpsons is joining more than 2,500 other care settings as a NAPA member with the principal goal of enhancing the activities provided for residents in the home.

Zoe Nolan, Chief Executive at William Simpsons, commented: “Ensuring that the residents at William Simpsons are happy and fulfilled is the most important part of the care and support that we provide. NAPA membership will provide us with ideas, support and training to further enhance our person-centred approach to activities, making sure that residents continue to live their best lives.”