During November we took time to remember the heroes of wartime conflicts gone by and those who stayed behind working tirelessly to support the wartime efforts.  Our thoughts may have wandered to the modern day forces and the men and women serving today but at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day, we came together in thought as we observed out two minute silence.

We were also fortunate to take part in an exciting community consultation project Remembering Together in Stirling, a project commissioned by Scene Stirling and Greenspace Scotland, led by artist Saffy Setohy.  Residents spent the day learning how to create beautiful and dramatic prints using natural materials.  As we worked, the artists gently encouraged discussion and conversation about our shared experiences of the pandemic.  Residents were asked to consider what would constitute a fitting memorial or place for reflection within the Stirlingshire area, writing their suggestions on slips of paper which were then threaded onto our loom along with each resident's chosen colour of wool in preparation for them to be woven into a wall hanging.

All of the residents' work and that of the other community groups who took part in this positive project will be on public display within the St. Ninians Library on Thursday 12th January from 2pm and you are very welcome to join us there.

With all this reflection, the 'Cookery Club' members thought they would take a different approach to their regular cookery sessions and they turned their hand to a bit of vegan cookery, knocking up some absolutely delicious vegan dhal and home made chapatis! The aromas wafting out of our activity hub kitchen drew passers by in and we were soon dishing up to more than just club members!  We're always looking for new and different ideas for our cookery club sessions so please drop us an email to [email protected] and share your favourite recipes with the Club!

Alongside our regular Therapet visits, residents enjoyed spending time with some of our staff members' dogs.  We had a host of hairy hounds visiting this month - Deebo the gentle giant who just loves a good pat, Jessie the whirlwind wiggler who can't stand still and the heart melting doggy duo of Luna and Bailey!  Visits from all our lovely canine visitors are welcomed by residents and they always raise smiles and get conversations flowing where ever they go. Please feel free to bring in your friendly, furry companion next time you visit the Home, there's always a water bowl handy and the walled garden is a lovely place to take a stroll.

November also saw us getting out and about within our local community.  Art enthusiasts spent an afternoon at our local Smith Art Gallery and Museum whilst some of the thrill seekers got competitive at the ten pin bowling alley and pool hall!  Feedback from residents was so positive that these are two trips that we'll definitely be repeating!

And to round off our November news, what better way than to share some of the glitz and glamour from our 'Bond' themed week which saw Bond-a-thon film screenings, quizzes, casino cards and 'mocktails' but it's safe to say the highlight of the week was definitely our '007 Day' Karaoke!