Donald had been at rock-bottom before he came to William Simpsons.

Separated from his wife, estranged from his children and unable to live in the family home due to his alcohol addiction, Donald had been referred to Penumbra Milestone – an alcohol-free unit that provides short-term care for vulnerable adults - as a result of the conditions he was living in on his own.

After a short stay at Penumbra Milestone, Donald arrived at William Simpsons with an existing care plan, but with the opinion that he did not need residential care. That he could just go home and never drink again. That he could easily manage his anger.

Donald remained angry at being in residential care and when he loudly informed staff that he was going home, they agreed. But they asked that Donald let them help him to get back there.  Following Donald’s programme of support, staff took him to his scheduled counselling sessions and found him a local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous that they drove him to three times per week.

For several months, Donald didn’t speak to staff or residents at William Simpsons and didn’t get involved in any activities; he was just so angry to be here.  And then, Donald formed a friendship with another resident; a young man who lived in the same flat and wasn’t very physically able.

Donald started to look after his friend and, because of this friendship, Donald starting participating in activities because his friend wanted to attend. Donald came to terms with being in residential care, got involved with other residents and embraced the support he was being offered to improve his physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Less than a year after Donald first came to William Simpsons, after several reviews and visits from his social worker, he went home. And it was the home that he had previously shared with his wife.

Three years on, Donald and his wife remain reunited, and he no longer drinks alcohol.  His time at William Simpsons helped him to see that he had a future to look forward to, a future where he could rebuild his relationship with his wife and children, and get his life back.

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